She's Backkkkkk

Feb. 23, 2015, 2 p.m.

Because love is stronger with pain, absence makes the heart grow fonder. There will be times in your life where the things you love are taken from you. Perhaps they return, perhaps they are gone forever. I can only tell you one way to combat the loss:  compose a symphony. 

Style may seem trivial, but humor me for a moment. We oftentimes embody the attitude displayed via the clothes on our body. If you look like a broken, out of tune piano with missing keys, I would venture to say the music will be quite tragic. And no, not Mozart Requiem tragic. What does Beethoven's Ode to Joy look like to you? Your style should be filled with the imagery of your heart. A heart filled with joy because God gave it the opportunity to beat every single day.

Can you hear the music that is LK? I pray it makes you dance in the rain.




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